Feed-Up: Demystifying Assessment and Feedback

The image shows a word cloud based on two resources on the site: Making Marking criteria clear and using exemplar work to teach about feedback. The most commonly used words are students, criteria, feedback, marking, assessment, comments, exemplar. give, lecture, practice, self-assessment, university, work.
A word cloud based on two bite-size guides in this resource: Making Marking Criteria Clear and Using Exemplar Work to Teach About Feedback.

Frey and Fisher (2011) argue that feedback is a complex system which has at least three components: feed-up, feedback and feed-forward. Feed-up helps students better understand educational goals and how they might achieve them. Feed-up also “ensures that students understand the purpose of the assignment, task or lesson, including how they will be assessed” (2011). How do you think you might work with students in this process? 

Bite-Size Guides

Bite-size guide: What is feed-up?

Bite-size guide: Making marking criteria clear

Bite-size guide: Using exemplar work to teach about feedback

Bite-size guide: Signposting sources of feedback